Boiling Hair For Permanent Curls

Yes, you read the title right. You can boil your straight hair weaves and create some sassy curls easy as pie. As you may know I recently removed a virgin wavy install. I loved the hair but being a natural 4a, I wasn’t able to blend properly without having to straighten my leave out every day. I really didn’t want to buy some more hair so I decided to turn my virgin wavy into kinky curly! I had my fingers crossed all the way but it worked a treat.

1. This is the hair I started with. 14 and 12 inches virgin wavy hair:

wavy virgin indian hair

2. I used 69 of these perm rods , I already had them from when I was transitioning. If memory serves, these were the smallest they had at the bss at the time:

perm rods


3. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the hair rolled up but I did really small sections and I used all 69 rods. It only took an hour and I did it while watching tv.

4. I put a touch of conditioner in a large stockpot of boiling water then dropped the hair in making sure all the hair was completely submerged. For the first hour I kept the hob on medium so it was a pretty rapid boil and I had to keep topping up the water. For the second hour I put the hob on the lowest heat and let it do it’s thing until time was up.

5 I drained the hair and let it air dry still in the rods for about 3 hours while I was out.

6 When I removed the rods the hair was still damp and here are the results:

hair after boiling damp
I then co-washed to hair to see if the curls would fall. They didn’t! Here is the hair very wet:

hair after boiling wet


Here is a comparison picture. On the left is 1 small track that I didn’t process compared to the very curly bundles!

hair before and after


I installed the hair almost straight away but I have one question. What have I been wearing straight weaves all this time for?? I love kinky curly!

This was my braiding pattern. I sewed down the excess hair between the cornrows and it turned out pretty flat. I am leaving out a horseshoe, sides and back hence the sloppy bottom cornrow! I only braided the top to keep the hair out of the way while I was sewing the weave in but once I was done I thought I should see if a braid out for my leave out would match the weave hair. I think it does!


kinky curly weave installed


Here are the co-wash results, hair is dripping wet and I put some eco styler on my leave out hair and the second picture is how it looked when it dried. The curls shrink up as they dry just like regular natural hair but I’m happy with the results,

weave with eco styler gel

I could probably tweak it further next time, maybe try not to flatten the top so much to allow my roots to curl up but all in all I’m happy with the look. It took nearly no effort to style and the big plus is that I no longer have to run away from the rain, steam iron, my daughter’s wet hands etc etc

The braid out look was my favourite! I adore big hair.

big kinky curly hair


I had this weave in for my usual 3 weeks and I loved it. Will be reinstalling it again soon.

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  • Lalajenkins77

    This is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you. You've really helped me out.

    • BHI

      I never tried actually so I can't say one way or the other!

  • Appletini

    WOW! That's gorgeous. You did a great job.

  • Appletini

    WOW! That's gorgeous. You did a great job.

  • Shandy Janae

    I'm trying this now! Lol, hair is in the pot boiling. I can't wait to see my outcome! My weave is a 22".

    • BHI

      Good luck with that! I stil use this weave to this day and it still has the curls!

  • johnnie

    Just wondering would you be able to flat iron the hair to achieve a straight look.

    • Sure you can but I can't swear that the curls would go back to their springy selves afterwards. The way I see it, one should always have some curly and straight weaves so you can switch up between them without going through too much hassle.

  • keisha

    do you kko if u can boil the hair and get it back to its wavy state

  • Kaysha

    do you know if you boil it like that can you get it back to it's natural state and can you straighten it?

    • No you it's a permanent process so you can't re-straighten it again. You can boil it with larger rollers to get a different curl pattern but this a lot of stress on the hair so it wouldn't last as long.

  • eliza

    what size are in terms of mm are your perm rods???

    • Hi Eliza! They are about 5mm at their thinnest and 8mm at the widest point.

  • Pulchrior Evenit


  • Snacky

    Hi Alma, instead of perm rods do you think braiding the hair and then boiling would work similarly?

    • Absolutely! I’ve actually done that before too. I ended up with a loose wave pattern without the coily ends 🙂

  • RLAnon

    Hiya I’m sorry i know this entry was wrote ages ago but I have a question and I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

    I previously bought Virgin hair and after bleaching the hair twice as you can imagine the curls are destroyed so I tried the boiling method the other night to try and restore the curl pattern. The hair booked for 2 and a 1/2 hours and I left the hair to dry over night. It was still damp the next day so I left it longer. When I took the foil rods out the curls where super tight like a 4b texture. I co washed them and left the hair to dry and the curls have completely disappeared ?!!! I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong as I’ve followed everything that was mentions on other blogs and YouTube videos. Please help

    • Hi there, I’m so sorry but I really can’t give you an answer as to why it hasn’t worked for you. I can only imagine that it may be because the 2 bleaching processes have permanently changed the hair bonds, possibly the ones that determine curl and boiling is not able to return them. I’ve only ever tried this process with virgin hair I’m afraid 🙁

      • RLAnon

        That’s what I thought but then I’ve seen loads of videos of the boiling method being applied to Virgin straight hair with no natural curl pattern whatsoever and yet it’s resulted in long lasting curls. Im so confused lol.
        I’ll give it another go n maybe try it on a higher temperature perhaps. Thankyou so much for your reply! I really appreciate it Hun 🙂

        • Hmm not sure how you will increase the temp. Boiling is boiling right? lol

  • mmesoma

    hi there! u see my hair is non virgin because i have applied relaxer on it, so it takes me several months before i retouch it but then people complain dat my hair is still virgin because it looks lile one although i have applied it relaxer but now i want to stop using relaxer and go natural and obtaining permanent curls how do i start because right now i weaved my hair and i’ planning to remove it and wash it with conditiners not relaxers although undergrowth is in my hair. huh… what to do!!!