Stretched Braid Out With Flat Ironed Roots

Last week I henna’d my hair and it was lovely. I noticed I was getting a bit more breakage during styling than I was accustomed to and the henna stopped that breakage immediately.

While some people find that henna makes their hair hard, for me, it makes my hair hard in the sense that it is more resilient. It will soften nicely after using a deep conditioner but I can actually still ‘feel’ the added strength to my hair so regular hennas are going to be a big part of my regimen for the remainder of this year.

I plan to sew in some hair extensions this weekend but I have a lot of prep work to do before hand. The hair that I received was not great, the curl pattern is wavy which I know I will find difficult to blend with my own hair so I am going to do my boiling trick to turn the hair into kinky curly. My old kinky curly was retired after almost 2 years of loyal service!

This week, I have been wearing my hair in a stretched braid out. I find that even with a blow out before hand, my braid outs have way too much volume at the roots. And with my face shape being round, I find that this volume is very unflattering!


 boring braid out

By running my medium hot flat iron over the roots, I not only get a better look to suit my face shape, I also get added length to my braid outs. It’s a wonder how much length those shrunken  roots had in them!

flat ironed roots braidout

Stretched braid outs are pretty but the definition does not remain for long so a couple of days later, I was starting to resemble a lion.


lion hair

To avoid the extra manipulation of re-braiding all my hair, I styled it as below for the remainder of the week. So simple. I’ve got a pictorial for how to re-create this style on the main site here

Pulled Back Hairstyle With Braid Detail Easy Hairstyle

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