Wet To Straight, Heat Training And Weave

So I went ahead and straightened my hair last week using the wet to straight flat iron. I was scared as hell and for anyone with a weak disposition, DO NOT TRY IT! The sound of my hair sizzling made me cringe but the instructions on the straightener state that the sizzle is a good thing and not to be alarmed. To be honest, after the first pass, the hair would me most of the way dry and there was barely any sizzle on the second and third pass. I was surprised that I was able to get my hair straight without blow drying first. The results were silky smooth and  flowy but I paid dearly for a wash and go the previous day. Single strand knots galore.

I only did the wash and go because I wanted to see was if heat training had taken effect and the answer was a resounding NO! Here was my wash and go . . . still as kinky curly as ever.

wash and go


So after the straightened, I applied way too much oil in my hair to allow it to be lubricated so the single strand knots would keep catching but I put in way to much and it was greasy.Yuk!

greasy hair


Rather than re-wash my hair, I decided to cornrow it and install some godess remi deep wave that I had in my stash. I know, random thing to do but I just needed my hair out of sight before I grabbed some relaxer and slapped it on (kidding, I wouldn’t)!

I was begining to feel that the heat training thing was not working for me until . . . I decided to wash the weave straight after installing. I could not believe my leave out horseshoe, it was outrageously smooth, and I mean after just a shampoo but before conditioner. I looked at the curls and thought to myself, ‘we have lift-off!!’ Curls were hanging lower and the ends were definitely looser. Take a look, this is just my horseshoe leave out only mind you and I am yet to see how the rest of my hair looks.

looser curls



So far however, I am esctatic! My hair is super soft (I can’t say if it is the heat training or not) but I am looking forward to seeing all my hair together to see if there has been any change. In a few weeks I will update on that situation.

On the subject of my goddess remi weave, I will keep it short and sweet, it was rubbish. It tangled like crazy at the back and shed like madness. I took it out after 4 days! It looked great though and matched my colour perfectly . . .

goddess remi weave


Lucky that I received my purchase of cuticle remi kinky straight from http://www.hairesthetic.com/. This is my first ‘premium hair’ purchase and it cost me $120 for 1 pack including postage to the UK. Customs even had the cheek to charge me an extra £30! I paid it and I have to say that I am stunned by the quality of the hair. Gorgeous!!! I installed it with a perimeter and horse shoe leave out.  It matches my blow dried hair perfectly and it straightens like a dream. I cannot give a full review now as I have only been wearing it a few hours but watch this space . . . Here are some pics of this lovely hair!

Blow dried and curled, the kinky straight look and straightened and curled with a bit of coconut oil


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  • Channing

    To be honest there is no such thing as "heat training" hair, it is just plain ol' heat damage. Now of course it's your head so you're free to do what you want but just realize it's not some technique for hair and just lke with any other type of potentially damaging activities there will be some side effects.

    Personally I would suggest just further exploring ways to work with your natural texture, b/c you have a beautiful curl pattern and it seems like your hair is growing nicely and I'd hate for you to end up backtracking.

    • BHI

      Thanks for the advise but after experiencing single strand knots and losing progress because of them, my curl pattern is actually working against me. If you read my previous posts you will see that I have actually explored other non heat stretching methods which have given me the same results as a wash and go: single strand knots! Since using heat regularly for the first time my hair is retaining moisture, it's soft without me applying tons of products and not breaking so I'm definitely happy but of course you are entitled to your opinion.

  • Ziq

    hey i live in the uk too and have been thinkin about purchasing kinky straight from hairaestetics do u think its worth it? thanks

    • BHI

      I would be inclined to say don't waste your money. It tangles just like bss hair, grated it is much softer. I always wore mine straightened and not in its kinky state so in retrospect, I didn't see the point of buying it. Virgin hair for me will always be the best for long term wear!