Length Update End 2011 Beginning 2012

A look back at 2011 and I am kind of satisfied with my progress. I am unimpressed with the retention that I had from my mid year check to end year results because I fully expected to reach waist length by the end of the year but you live and learn!

What I learned is that braid outs on my wet natural hair hinder length retention because of the formation of single strand knots. You may remember that from the begining of 2011 to about June I mostly wore my hair straight and as such, I had phenomenal length retention.

Mid year for some bizzare reason I decided to move away from my tried and tested routine with the idea that avoiding heat would be better for my hair. Well it wasn’t! My hair retains length better when it is straight.

Here is where I was at the begining of 2011:

begining of 2011


And here are my end year photos, some were taken in the first week of January when I was doing my review of the instyler.

Length Update End 2011 2

Length Update End 2011 5

However, if you look at my length from June/July to the end of the year, it’s a bit less impressive:



I have noticed that the longer my hair gets, the less I am able to wear it in truly ‘natural’ styles in order to retain length and wash and go’s reached the ‘out-of-the-question’ stage over a year ago! I have actually noticed a lot of natural (4 hair types) get stuck at this current length for years. Personally I don’t think my hair is long enough yet (will it ever be?) but I know what works is to keep my hair straight or at the very least do my braidouts or any other curly styles on blow dried hair only. And of course my ponytail no-comb regimen!

I also want to go back to doing regular monthly henna’s. I know it means that I may have to give up coloring my hair with standard box colors but the benefits of henna are worth it.

I will update soon with my ponytail regimen pictures, my trim plus henna.

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  • Wow!! You may not be impressed. But I am your hair looks Awesome
    I can't wait to get where you are.

  • Sherrimberri

    Do you think your retention issues may come from the color? I noticed in the first pic you weren't colored. Color effects my retention.

    • BHI

      Not really because my hair was in fact colored in the first picture! I highlighted the first time a week after my BC but used henna and indigo to cover with black a few months later. I'm not planning to color again this year just to chart my growth from my roots. I think it's definitely the braid outs. I lose a great deal more hair doing those than just the usual washing and straightening.

  • Angie

    I have been transitioning from perm to natural since July of 2011. I am having an awful experience with dry and breaking hair. I have tried several products, Carol's Daughter, Mizani, and Kinky curly but nothing helps my hair to retain moisture. I am not pleased with my growth and am in need of advise. What would you recommend that I do. I plan to implement your hair care regime as soon as possible.

    • Breakage is part and parcel of the transition process unfortunately. I transitioned for 18 months myself and in spite of protective styling and blending the textures as much as I could, my hair still broke considerable at the line of demarcation. Be patient and you will get there, you are just a year into your journey!