Heat Training Hair – Session 2

My first week went by quickly and uneventfully and before I knew it, it was heat training day again. I was feeling brave so I decided to wash my hair in just the 8 braids below:

hair sectioned


As soon as it touched water, my hair reverted like crazy! It seems the ghd’s low temparature of 180 just aint enough to heat train!

I made a huge error in judgement however, I figured that since I’d already had 1 session, I would undo each braid to apply conditioner, comb through then rebraid when usually I just apply the conditioner on the braid without undoing. That decision cost me more trouble I care to think about. Last week, I chopped off most of my single strand knots but I was shocked at how many more appeared after this wash. NEVER AGAIN! Until my hair is heat trained, the braids stay put until my hair has air dried.

I broke out my old babyliss straightener and heat trained at 220(428) degrees. 20 passes this time because I mean business! Again I did not heat train my crown and front section because I already like the curl pattern it has. Straightening took forever to finish and my arms hurt so I hope my next wash shows some tangible results.

Here is a pic of my hair straightened:

hair straightened


When I tried to run my hands through my hair, the strands were snagging and kind of getting caught on each other because of the ssk’s. I attempted another search and destroy mission to get rid of the ones that I could find and after cutting off about 20 of them, I threw in the towel and decided to call in quits, its just too stessful to keep taking scissors to my hair. It may be better for now to just leave them there and find a way to live with them. I doused my ends in plenty of coconut oil to basically lubricate so that the strands would slide off each other in spite of the knots. It worked!!

My hair is sort of greasier than I would usually like it but at least I can live with it until I I get to BSL and I can start trimming back the ends. That won’t be for another 6 months or more so I’m not holding my breath!

Pic of my hair with the coconut oil, it’s a bit flatter:

hair straightened with coconut oil



Looking forward to next week . . .

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  • beadgyrl

    Hi I am just a random web surfer. I am natural also, and I do run across different blogs from time to time. I stumbled across yours. Just wondering why you feel the need to "heat train?" In the long run, you are trading in a healthy head of natural/yes kinky curls….for damaged hair, that's going to end up dry and breaking, and you will ultimately have to end up trimming the ends. Probably more inches than you want. I am noy going to lie, I thought about heat styling too. Until I did the research. I think you should do some more research. Just looking at microscopic pics of the hair cuticle after some time of heat styling will probably change your mind. Goodluck and GodBless!

    • BHI

      Thanks for your concern but I have stated in newer posts that the heat training that I did was in fact the best thing to happen to my hair! I concede that not everyone has the same results but I am a convert without a doubt.