Shrunken Braid Outs Still Look Great

No surprise I only managed two weeks with the crotchet braids. Actually this time it was less to do with itchy fingers than a dear sister’s birthday party that I was attending yesterday and I had to look great.

My sister asked me to do the cake for her and since I was so busy on Friday night messing with the cake, I did the unthinkable with my hair and just co washed with a rinse out conditioner (cringe).

I did a super quick braid out which I wore in it’s shrunken state. I of course did my shea butter stretch on the ends to make absolute sure that they would not frizz up and cause ssk’s after which I curled them with perm rods.

The only other adjustment I made when taking the braids down was to stretch my roots with a warm hair dryer  My hair tends to grow outwards in all directions so leaving my braidout without stretching the roots tends to make my head seem twice the size that it is, not a good look!

Braidout october 2012


To make up for my lack of a proper DC I didn’t detangle my hair at all, not even with my fingers! All I did was to run my hands over each section in a smoothing motion and gently tugged on the ends to release the shed hair.

It actually got me wondering, is detangling every week even necessary? Well, I’m happy to be the subject of this experiment. I want to see how long I can go without detangling my hair while keeping knots out.

Day two, the braid out is looking decidedly frizzier and the curls are a bit flatter in spite of my pineapple but it will definitely last all week. It has also been nicely stretched by the pineapple which is always an a bonus!

Braidout october 2012


Here is the cake that I baked for my sister, and it was every bit as yummy as it looks!

White chocolate marshmellow cake


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