My braid out this week

My hair was  incredibly dry after I took the braids down. Sythetic braids are so hard on your hair right? Anyway, I pampered my hair over two days. Deep conditioned on the first night with my olive oil mayonnaise thingy. That solved the dryness but I felt my hair could do better. The next day I made a decadent coconut milk and lime treatment. The recipe for that is here. I didn’t do this for any straightening effect (it wouldn’t work for my 4a tresses anyway!) but for the conditioning benefits. The only thing I did differently was add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to the mix. Wow, my hair was so smooth and soft and I was thinking ‘Now THATS what you call conditioning!!’ . Isn’t it amaizing how home made treatments sometimes out-perform the so called professional conditioners?

Anyway, I made up a batch that will last me 3 treatments, the remainder is in the freezer now so I will have something lovely to slap on my hair when it feels dry again.

It feels great to be out of the braids and all I did after I finished  the dc was to braid my hair in relatively small sections. The resulting braid out was one of the best I have had in ages! Shrinkage is unbelievable isn’t it!!

My braid out this week

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