Hair Today, Braid Out Stretched And Defined

I’ve been following a hair regimen now for about 4 1/2 years but even I’m not immune to silly errors. Last night after a stint in my FIR infrared sauna, which was lovely and hot, I pineappled my hair to prevent my hair touching my sweaty face. Unfortunately I went straight into the shower after the sauna but forgot to cover my hair.

Of course the result was frizz and very shrunken coiled ends. This of course meant that I was forced to rebraid for the night. I did 6 large braids and I am loving the result today.

My hair is both stretched and defined, just the way I like to wear it!

stretched braid out


I’ve had a few requests from some of the readers to show you my shrunken naked hair, just wanted to let you know that I’m not ignoring your requests. As much I would love to oblige, the idea of allowing my hair to shrink when not encased in a braid brings me out in a cold sweat. The tangling would drive me to distraction so although I am not saying an outright ‘no way’, I am saying, ‘not just yet’.

Maybe after I get to goal or to terminal length I will be braver in styling options and may go back to wearing shrunken puffs like right after my BC but at the moment I’ve got my eye on waist length baby!

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  • Andrea

    how did you heat train your hair i realy want to but i dont know how

    • Alma

      I didn’t heat train my hair in the classical sense. Instead I just did a Brazilian Keratin Treatment twice which gave me the same effect as heat training without having to keep applying heat on my hair constantly.

      I would suggest you think very carefully before you even begin to think about this kind of thing. It can go terribly wrong and you could end of with damage as bad as a relaxer.