Hair Straightening Update

I know I said I wouldn’t straighten my hair until next month but I decided on a whim that I would like to have a straight hair week. I washed my hair and deep conditioned with the carmel treatment. After co-washing with a cheapie con in the shower, my hair felt so smooth  I was half tempted not to go ahead with the straightening (the caramel treatment rocks!) but I soldiered on.

I let it air dry in about 8 braids until it was 90% dry then I used my blow dryer to smooth it out a bit before commencing the straightening. It took me all of an hour and a half to finish! I’ve finally mastered the technique of super quick straightening.

This is the finished result

kinky straight press




I thought it still looked kinky straight rather than just straight so I cracked up the temp on the straightener by 20 degrees and I got my hair nice and smooth.

silky smooth press


I am probably an inch shy of my arm pit length goal! Actually, to be honest, without allowing for any disasters, it  looks like I will be there in a couple of months. My new target is bra strap length by end of Febuary 2011. After that goal is achieved I will be looking to grow out my layers so I will probably start trimming back my hair. Which reminds me, I haven’t trimmed in ages. I think I will wait another few months though, I don’t get many split ends (only single strand knots but not much I can do about that).

Anyway, it has become a nightmare to try and wrap my hair to sleep so I don’t bother with that any more. I just tie it into a loose low ponytail and then put on my scarf which I have found works just as well as wrapping.

Off to moisturize my ends now!

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