Update On My Curly Afro

This is just a quick post but I felt the need to share that it’s now 10 days into the curly afro hairstyle and the curls are still going strong. You may remember how flat the curls were soon after I took down the braids but now the afro has got the humidity bug and my hair is lovely and full but a distinct curl pattern remains.

In the first week I moisturized and sealed every two days but as we are in week two now, I have been doing my m & s nightly. I shared a postcard tip on how to save curly hair for more than a week without losing definition in BHI’s Wednesday’s newsletter. If you want to join the newsletter, please do so here otherwise the tip will go on the BHI website next week.

Another thing I am doing every couple of days is to run my fingers over the ends of my hair to ensure that it is not ‘bunching’ up as kinky hair tends to do. This is usually what happens before a knot forms so by nipping this in the bud, I am preventing any forming.

day 10 curly afro

Honestly, this style has such a pleasant kinks to curl ratio that even after a bit of reversion it’s still a winner and I will definitely be revisiting it again. Unlike when I wear my hair straight, I’m not really itching to wash my hair yet. And even though length retention with shrunken curly hair has remained a mostly untested front for me thus far and even though my hair is nowhere near showing it’s true length in this style,  it may sound cheesy but when my hair is curly, I feel content and right somehow.

I honestly believe that a combination of braided roots and rod curled ends can be a length retention winner that may rival straight hair. It’s obviously a theory at the moment but one that I’m willing to test. Of course regular shrunken braid outs have proved to be a huge no no for me.

Enjoy the rest of your week ladies!

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  • Nadine Fletcher

    Hello Alma I can’t believe that after those many days your natural curls look so Gorgeous!!
    I tried to comment when I saw that Beautiful, curly headed doll of yours. With those absolutely
    Dreamy eyes. But I have more than one legitimate email address.

    • Don’t say that, Jasmine has a big enough head already. She literally lives in front of the mirror! lol Thanks girl!

  • Ageinatl

    Gorgeous results and the color makes it pop! I hope to be able to try this style on my transitioning hair.

    • Aww thank you!