More Braid N Curl’s On 3 Heads Of Hair. Oh My

When BHI was just a year old, I decided to get a web developer to create a unique site design for me. After running the cost of the project into more than I could afford, I was left with a site that didn’t quite look the part nor do exactly what I wanted it to do. As a result I was forced to learn rudimentary html, css & php so that I could adjust things myself.

Why am I telling you this? Well I have been MIA for a while (apologies) and web design among other things has taken up my time of late. You may have noticed that BHI has a new and improved look this week. After purchasing a decent theme that had all the basics I was looking for, I spent a whole week working on the css and adding functionality that I needed on the site.

Yes, I know that it would have taken a developer probably a couple of days to do this but just like baking your own bread, there is something oddly satisfying about doing something yourself. Not to mention that you learn tons of stuff by doing rather than learning theories, it’s a super fast way of gaining a new skillset!

For the past 5 days (give or take), I have been working on removing the braided roots from my hair seeing as I’ve had them for about 4 weeks now. It’s taking forever because I’ve only been able to do 1/2 hour per day as I continue to tweak things on the site.

Anyway, between working on the site, going away on a short break, celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary AND doing my sister’s wash day for her this past Sunday, I haven’t really had a chance to do much with my own hair.

Jasmine and mummy at the beach

Jasmine and mummy at the beach

My sister Tasha has been natural longer than I have but she hasn’t always been consistent with her regimen hence her hair only falls to just above BSL when stretched and she seriously doesn’t know how to style it in spite of all her years as a natural!

She has very thick, densely packed 4a/b strands and her strands are pretty fine. Anyway, at her request (and because she didn’t believe that it would work on her) she wanted me to do the braid and curl on her hair.

It turned out beautiful and I showed her how to maintain it for the remainder of the week (pineapple-ing). I will see her again on Friday to see how it held up.

Tasha's braid and curl

Of course we could have got better definition by braiding her roots first but Tasha is a teacher and during term time she has very little time for herself so the easier her regimen, the more she is likely to stick to it. Either way I’m glad that she’s finally got rid of that awful wig she’s been wearing for the past year! You know it was awful sis 😕

I still get annoyed when people say to me when I’m wearing a braid out, ‘Oh that it would never work on my hair’. Why wouldn’t it? Is your hair made of something other than keratin? Braid outs, twist out, bantu knot outs work on everyone’s hair, it’s all a matter of products and technique.

Well back to my own head, I want something nice and easy for the next couple of weeks so after washing and DC ing tomorrow I will probably go with a simple style like box braids or twists until the end of the month, boring but reliable.

Since I have nothing much to say for myself this week, I thought I should leave you with a few of the curly looks I have worn for the last few weeks. All were braid and curls. One was done on banded stretched hair and another done on wet hair and allowed to shrink. While we were away I went swimming so I had to wash the chlorine out of my hair.

style mishmash last 3 weeks

Jasmine still refuses to wear her hair up in a puff or pony any more, she must wear it down like mummy every day. It’s hilarious but also sobering how much children look up to and copy you. This was a rare day when I insisted that Jasmine wear her hair up. The sea air had turned our curls into clouds. She was not best pleased.

Jasmine pouting at the slides

Jasmine pouting at the slides

Anyway ladies, until next time.

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  • Candice

    You have a very pretty daughter Alma!! I go kids crazy so don’t mind me. I am “style challenged” so my hair is either under a wig or in a bun lol but I’m trying to change that in the coming months.

    • Thanks Candice. Just dive into natural hair styling, it’s so easy and it honestly doesn’t take long. Who knows you may love the results so much you will end up cutting up and throwing the wig away like my sister did!

  • Petra

    awww Jasmine, you pretty little darling… you are so cute when you pout!.. love the braid and curl .. that style is everything! 🙂 .. Tell your sister her hair is awesome!

    • I will luv. lol I literally burst out laughing that day when she pouted like that!