Embracing Big Hair With Curls Whipped Creme

I recently told y’all about my product junkiesm but rather than try to run away from it, I have decided to embrace it for now. I noticed that I had only 3 jars of conditioner remaining the other day. But I usually have around 8 in stock at home and being down to the last 3, I practically felt naked, so while doing my household shopping this week I picked up some more!

The last protein conditioner that I purchased last week was almost all used up during my last DC, seriously depending on the size, I can go through a whole jar per wash, even with my hair wet. It absorbs so much product I can’t figure out where it goes.

As a side note, I added a a splash of the aphogee two step into my conditioner, applied and let it stew under my bonnet dryer for 30 minutes before rinsing. I knew for a fact that my hair was thirsty for protein and just like magic, the breakage I had been experiencing last week was completely gone. I mean seriously, I Denman brushed my hair thoroughly but there was only a few strands stuck in there once I was done.

Here’s what I purchased this week:

tresemme elvive and curls hair products

Two Tresemme hair masks (they were on sale), my favorite ceramide conditioner Elvive full restore, Curls cashmere curls jelly and Curls whipped cream.

I watched Chime’s video about curl obsession, basically the fact that we are all searching high and low for products or techniques that will make our curls pop. Ok confession time, I am totally that person. I lost my obsession for wash and go’s a long time ago because of the tangling but I do love those braid outs.

I also noticed something, a lot of these long haired ladies who’s channels I stalk follow tend to wear their hair in huge swathes of undefined waves and kinks. They are basically not afraid of big hair [read big stretched hair]. Let’s look at the evidence:







I’m not saying that they don’t wear defined twist outs too but they certainly are not afraid to unleash their lion manes stretched and undefined. Well with images of these three ladies in mind, after my last wash, I stretched my hair with a tension blow dry, no brushes at all during blow drying.

I then proceeded to use the curls whipped cream and braided my hair in 7 sections. The first picture was my hair straight after taking down the braids and second one was nearer the end of the day when it had grown in volume a bit.

braid out on stretched hair 2

The Curls whipped cream is sooooooo moisturizing, I have not needed to add any moisturizer this week at all. I kid you not, I love this stuff. My hair is soft soft soft as opposed to the stiff hold that I get from Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding.

I usually like my ends to remain straight but I decided to give them a bit of pazzaz and rebraided midweek adding flexi rods on the ends (another excuse to use a bit more of the whipped cream, have a mentioned how great it smells??).

My resulting braid out was lovely if I do say so myself. I know that it’s already Friday and seeing as wash day is in a few days, really I will have to repeat the same routine and not rebraid until the end of next week to see if I genuinely don’t mind the lion hair look.

big voluminous braid out curly ends

I had someone ask me via email why I always take my hair pictures from the side, well it’s because I assume most of you reading this blog are mostly here about hair and my hair is shown to best advantage from the side and also I just don’t like how my face looks in pictures (you should see my outtakes! lol) But to keep the peace, here is a front shot.

Alma Ruddock

Eeek! Until next time ladies.

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  • Nadine Fletcher

    I think I missed the point of this article entirely. I’m just too busy drooling over your beautiful well

    defined curls. Yes I loveee hair crush, long hair don’t care2011 and xoDVF . But Alma for

    gorgeous well defined Curls. You WIN! hands down. Now…….what was this article about.

    • lol Nadine! Fell over laughing. Actually I think I missed the point myself, next week no defined curls, just a lion mane, just you wait!

  • Tomi Cole

    Your Curls are beautiful….

  • Nadine Fletcher

    Well we both had a great LOL!

  • petra

    Ok ok.. I see what your doing now!.. lol … sorry about the temptation, I think I might join you on that journey after wash day tomm. I dunno if Im gonna last though… I think on me, lioness would look waay better on waist length hair like yours and the other ladies you referenced… your hair is gorg!!!! … BTW there is nothing wrong with your face ….smh! 🙂

    • Thanks Petra. I don’t know if I will last either TBH. You are just a few inches away from waist length yourself so no reason for you not to join in the fun! Oh you shoulda seen the outtakes for the face photo, you wouldn’t be saying that. lol

  • Thanks for the info. I must be doing something wrong because I have been wearing natural hair for over 7 years and the length basically stays the same. Any advice?

  • Ageinatl

    Love the hair! It is strange but every since I decided to transition to natural hair, I am finding myself LOVING big hair. I never did before..I liked my hair smooth and straight.

    • Thank you! I did too when I was transitioning but since then I have been in a curly love affair.