All I Want For Christmas Is Shiny Waves!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I know I did. I didn’t drink much, mostly because I like to drink some ruby port at this time of year but because it’s so strong, I usually can’t have more than one glass without feeling woozy.  😉

When my hair gets frustrating I find that putting it away in a protective style like a weave or wig helps a great deal in allowing me the distance I need to take stock and rediscover my appreciation of it.

Lately with the recent disasters I’ve had with braid out styling, I’ve been itching to do something to my hair. I was very close to cutting bangs a week or so ago but I realized that they would impede my styling choices. Bangs on curly hair don’t look the same as when the hair is straight so I dismissed the idea.

Straight hair has historically been a good choice for me. As long as I follow good hair practices while straightening, I found that I always retained length effortlessly. After the initial manipulation of getting the hair straight, I find that wearing it like that is actually pretty low maintenance and styling is easy as pie.

Going into the weekend before Christmas day, I was super excited to finally get to see my length again, (pulling on a piece of hair to confirm that it is still all there doesn’t quite have the same WOW effect!).

I won’t say much about the conditioner that I used as I plan to write more about it in the next post. If you remember my recent hit and miss adventures in creating my own natural home-made conditioner, it is a twist on the same concept with more impressive results. I plan to make the conditioner again this weekend before flat ironing for my end-of year length check. I just want to make sure that I was not mistaken in the conditioner’s wonderful results.

Anyway, for styling this week I washed and DC’d my hair with the natural conditioner aforementioned and while rinsing I co-washed with a wash out shop bought conditioner before blow drying straight using a combination of the tension method and my denman brush. All I applied to my hair before blow drying was tresemme heat protectant spray and some Organix Coconut milk serum.

If you’ve read about my natural conditioner (the one that worked), you will remember I mentioned that my hair was more pliable afterwards. Well that was definitely the case while blow drying. My hair got very straight, very easily and the shine in my hair was extraordinary! I NEVER have shiny hair after blow drying on normal days and honestly, the results of this week’s hair speak for themselves.

Blow dried December 23 2012

For styling I moisturized with Redken anti snap and sealed with organix coconut milk serum after which braided my hair in just 3 large braids which I left to set overnight. The following morning (Christmas Day) I released the braids and was glad to see the shine was still blinging. I left the roots straight to avoid losing too much length.

Wavy hair christmas day 2012

I loved the results so much I’m still wearing my hair like this today but tonight I am planning to braid my hair in smaller braids and release for a more ‘classical’ braid out for the remainder of the week, pics to follow soon. I’m having an ‘I love my hair’ week and I’m really looking forward to flat ironing it at the weekend in prep for the new year!

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