“Wash Day” While Bunning, Witch Hazel & An Imporomptu Length Check

This weekend has officially marked my 4th week bunning in a row without washing my hair. I should be totally grossed out right now but seriously I’m not. My hair having been cooped up in a bun all this time still smells of my last conditioner/moisturizers and my scalp is only now starting to get a tad itchy.

I can’t remember if I mentioned before that I had used witch hazel on my scalp while I was doing my last 3 week stint of protective styling but I did and it worked beautifully to eliminate all itching. Not only that, but even after my last wash, clearly the effects are still evident judging by this pasts month’s complete lack of itching and dandruff.

This stuff is marvelous and I am totally sold on it for life! I was using the witch doctor brand of witch hazel which contains a bit of alcohol in the ingredient list but I can’t honestly say that I experienced any dryness from it.

Since I was running low and I managed to procure another bottle of witch hazel, a different brand this time which also seems to contain some alcohol so I’m guessing that the alcohol is added as a preservative?

Anyway, here’s the video I filmed on Wednesday but only just got round to editing and uploading…

As you see from my video, I did an impromptu length check right before I stuck my hair in the bun, well I had just lightly flat ironed my hair so it made sense to have a quick peek.

Length check 3 months growth

The line is where I plan to trim at the end of the year in case you are wondering.

My sister Tasha took the first photo and Otis took the second one. He is much taller than Tasha which is why I appear to be at an angle but still, it appears that I got well over an inch.

I’m actually pretty surprised at the result if I am honest. I genuinely don’t remember every having had so much growth in a 3 month period before so perhaps the inversion method actually did do something to increase my growth rate after all.

I am repeating the inversion method again this week, starting Sunday so in the meantime I will be treating my scalp with some witch hazel again to keep me going until I wash next week.

This time I plan to combine IM with the greenhouse effect for 3 days to see if I can get the illusive inch in 7 days. Fingers crossed!

I am also planning to wear my hair down this week, whatever the weather. I have missed having hair in my face, it’s odd how much I depend on my hair to frame my face and make me feel pretty. I need to learn how to do make up.

Until next time…

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  • Shanna Small

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