How I Sleep With My Straightened Hair

I’ve heard it said that we sweat a litre or more every night. I’m not much of a sweater during the day but my body definitely wants to eliminate toxins via sweat while asleep so I often find that my roots, particularly at the back will tend to revert pretty quickly.

You may know this from my writing on BHI that I’m completely against wrapping hair these days (I was open to the idea in the past). The idea of a brush on my hair every night is crazy talk IMO and nope I don’t care how straight it keeps hair.

There are two ways that I sleep with my hair when it is straightened these days and both take all of 1 minute to do once I have moisturized and sealed. The first way is so easy, I don’t think it deserves mentioning but for the sake of disclosure this is what I do; I simply pull my hair into a low loose ponytail and tuck it into my satin bonnet!

Expecting more were you? lol Well, I would like to stress that the ponytail is very loose to avoid leaving a dent in my hair. In fact, if I am using a new hairband, I don’t twist it over and retie (if you know what I mean) but with older looser hairbands, I only twist and retie once.

Since I don’t have a great deal of hair on my head (in terms of total volume) dead straight hair is never a good look on me anyway. I tend to find it better to have a little bit of curl in my hair so more often than not, I tend to sleep with my hair in two bantu knots on either side of my head. I don’t tie the knots too tight and secure them with ouchless hairbands then cover with my satin bonnet overnight.

So here are the two ways that I sleep with my hair:

Low loose pony or bantu knots to sleep with straightened hair

I find that the loose knots give me defined curls in the morning that fall to looser waves by the end of the day. Here’s how the curls look once the knots are taken down. You will lose some length but it’s worth it for the volume and curlies!

Wavy hair after bantu knots

Yep that’s it and my hair remains straight all week!

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  • ismarelda

    help with how to make a satin bonnet step-by-step

    • I don’t actually make one, I just purchase from the bss.

      • ismarelda

        thanx Alma i bough a piece of satin material and made one myself thnx for the idea

        • No probs Ismarelda. Good luck with your journey.