How I Make A Sock Bun Maker, An Itchy Scalp And A Curly Hairdo

I’m in the final few days of a 3 week long experiment without washing my hair. As was expected, I am dying to get at my scalp with a brush and give it a good scrub but alas I cannot until the weekend.

My hair has remained surprisingly moisturized throughout, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a single day when it was dry. Of course this is always the case when my hair is straight anyway.

Last week I wore my sock bun exclusively. I couldn’t find my old donut bun maker so I quickly whipped one up from an old sock I had lying around. In case you didn’t know how it’s done, voila!

how to make a sock donut bun maker

I had a bit of reversion happening at my roots  which started towards the end of last week, an unavoidable part of being natural. I couldn’t decide if it was reversion or new growth from the last few weeks. It is likely to be a combination of the two I think.

reversion or new growth

So for this week rather than try sleek buns again it made more sense to encourage extra reversion and go with a braid out. I did the same moisturizing routine from last week but added a bit extra moisturizer so that my hair was pretty damp but not wet. I then applied a bit of curls unleashed curl enhancer to each section and quickly braided making 7 large braids. They looked very stretched when I first took these pictures but in the morning they had shrunk nicely which told me that I would have decent curl definition. I added perm rods on the ends (although this caused tangling so I had to stretch them out by re-braiding the  following night).

braids on flat ironed hair

Below was the resulting braid out. I lurrve my hair like this! It’s big, the curls are nicely defined without being too shrunken and my hair is soft soft soft having retained some of the straightness from flat ironing. All in all a successful braid out.

braid out on reverted hair

I was clearly having good hair days in the pics above. As a side note is it just me or does my hair have a reddish tint? Not the tips because that’s the color that I had before, but the roots. Hmm, falling in love with henna all over again.

Unfortunately the one thing which I knew was coming but I could do nothing about, reared it’s ugly head. Dandruff and an itchy scalp. There is literally no avoiding it, dead skin has been expelled by my scalp and without washing it off, it has nowhere to go but remain stuck in my hair. The itchies are part and parcel of the process due the build up of sebum on my scalp blah blah blah.

Despite knowing all this I just want to scream and pop my head under the shower. It has been quite uncomfortable in the last couple of days. Yesterday I almost broke down and washed my hair but an unexpected amount of work that came up scuppered that plan.

My solution? Well it’s not much of one really, I just used a wet face cloth to rub my scalp at my hairline and my parting so that nobody else is aware of the situation but me!

Having said that, I know that the flakes are in there and it’s a gross feeling so after my thorough wash this weekend. I am planning to re-adjust my regimen to washing every two weeks instead of three, otherwise I will start growing cornflakes on my scalp. Not attractive.

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  • curlyprincesses

    I feel the same way Alma, every two weeks is better than every three for my scalp too..glad to know that it’s not just me with the flakes 🙂 Oh and I love braid outs on flat ironed hair too!!

    • I actually went back to weekly washes. I noticed more breakage with less frequent washes so I’m just going to stick with what’s worked for me in the last few years!