Springtime Break In Amsterdam

Before I even get started can I just qualify my absence by saying that I’ve been mad busy over the last few months. Who knew that being a blogger/enterpreneur (yes I think of myself as one of those now) could take so much time away from you. There’s simply isn’t enough time in the day!

This post is really late seeing as we actually went to Amsterdam in the middle of March (anniversary break) but I thought I should write it anyway so you could see what my hair was doing at the time. Operations ‘Grow Out’ has been in full swing so since then I have been quite good with protective styling with wigs, braids and twists but March is the last time that I flat ironed my hair. So lets’s get take a peek.

Now I had just got myself a really good quality digital SLR camera and I was wowed by the quality of the photos so forgive the dramatic poses and humor me because at the time it felt like I simply couldn’t take a bad photo with the camera!


Ok so for our Amsterdam weekend I clearly opted for straight hair, a classic press and curl and before we left I was revelling in the softness of straight hair and vowing that I will would wear my hair like this from now on. Also I was loving the soft curls that I had managed to create with my recently purchased curling wand…

Flat ironed and curled hair

Have you ever noticed how different you look when someone else takes a photo of you or is it just me? When Otis took my pic I was astounded as to how different I looked. Not good or bad, just different. On the left is how I see myself and on the right I suppose is how my husband sees me. Hmm, weird.

How I see myself vs how Otis sees me

Moving on, I should definitely have checked the humidity report for the Dutch capital before setting off. On the plane my hair was much the same as when I left home but from the airport to the hotel room the humid evening air transformed me into… well, take a look…

Reverted hair in Amsterdam

So I did what anyone would have done in my position, I grabbed the hotel room blow dryer and proceeded to stretch out my reverted tresses and braided it down for the night. The resulting braid out was wearable at least.

braid out on straight hair

Still by midday my hair was back in a bun because reversion had kicked in again. I have to say that I am half tempted to try the Beautiful Textures manageability system if it will allow me to get straight hair for longer. My only defence to humidity this far when my hair is straight has been to wear it in an updo until the weather allows. But it’s no secret that I much prefer to wear my hair down so watch this space, if I can get my hands on a box or two I will probably give it a go.

Amsterdam was great though. Very European architecture and lovely canals and everyone rides bicycles, I mean even little kids! I will let you in on a little secret, I don’t know how to ride a bike. I had one of course growing up but I always used the stabilizers and got bored of the whole idea before I had them taken off.


We only did a little bit of sightseeing with the obligatory trip to Madame Tussauds. As you can see I gave up on the straight hair and reverted to my standard braid out, take that humidity! Is it just me or does Oprah look way too fair skinned?


Actually most of the black celebs appear to all be a couple of shades lighter than they naturally are (Except MJ of course). smh

Madame Tussauds Collage

Of course we didn’t go into the red light areas of the city opting to stay pretty close to the Central Station but with sex museums and stores with dildos in the window (they made me giggle), I wouldn’t say that Amsterdam is the most child friendly of places. I would take Jasmine there on a canal ride or sightseeing tour but next time we will probably stay in a hotel just outside the city. Don’t want her asking me awkward questions just yet!


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  • Petra

    PICS!! yay…i was excited to see this post amidst the screams of a tired baby! love the hair, isnt humidity ratchet! – Great post love