Ok, I’ve been a bad girl . . .

I have decided not to work out this week. The main reason is that my cardio has become a bit ineffective in the last few weeks so I need to take a week’s break from it to rest and take stock. I will only be doing weight training this week which doesn’t make me sweat much so my experiment to see if aveda would work better this week is out the window! lol

At least I am kinda guaranteed straight hair for the week! Yay. For the first couple of nights I was brushing it up into a wrap to sleep in but to be honest I think it’s  quite unecessary and there is too much manipulation involved with wrapping (brushing etc). So now I just comb it out and tie into a lose ponytail and wear my bonnet over it. My hair is still plenty striaght in the morning so can’t complain.

If it’s still looks resonable by the weekend, I just might wait and see if I can manage 2 weeks of straight hair. I’m a tad worried about not washing my hair at the weekend though so I may change my mind. Watch this space!

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