My Weekend Hair Regimen When Not Washing My Hair

Since I have decided to bypass the whole washing once a week thing in the interest of wearing my hair straight for longer, I had to formulate a Saturday ‘wash day’ regimen that doesn’t involve water.

This past week my hair has been soft as expected, it has reverted slightly to a kinky straight, also expected but all in all moisture retention has been really good. My styles for the week have been pretty simple (boring), buns and ponytails mostly.

In terms of daily moisturizing, I’ve noticed a trend, when I wear my hair in a bun, the ends are still pretty soft at the end of the day so I don’t need to moisturize and seal. But when I wear it in a loose ponytail, I definitely have to moisturize and seal because my ends feel a tad dry by bedtime. Either way I didn’t use a comb at all during the week, I just released shed hairs with my fingers as I was moisturizing.

Weekend Regimen

My routine took about 20 minutes in total, I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty like I was cheating somehow! Anyway, I did the routine in the evening shortly before bed; here’s what I did:

1. Parted my hair into 4 sections and started with 1 section at the back.

2. Applied a large dime size amount of leave in conditioner to one section and distributed from root to tip. I then applied a touch more until the hair felt very slightly damp.

3. Sealed the section with a touch of coconut oil.

4. Finger detangled the section thoroughly while releasing shed hairs then used my super wide tooth comb slowly from tip to root.

5. Held the hair taut while passing a hair dryer over the section. The dryer was on the cool setting but mine always comes out kinda lukewarm. I did this to prevent reversion.

6. Repeated this will the remaining 3 sections. I did this to prevent reversion.

7. Tied my hair into a low ponytail and applied a few more hairbands over the length of the hair. This is an easy way of getting waves.

8. In the morning I removed the hairbands and fluffed. And this was the result


Slightly reverted straightened natural hair

Sunday was my wear-my-hair-down day which was great, but I’m wearing it up as usual for the remainder of the week.

I have noticed a few itchies on my scalp today, I’m not sure that I can attribute this to genuine oil build up on my scalp as it’s more likely a psychological reaction to knowing that I won’t be washing my hair this week! My scalp isn’t dry yet anyway and no flakes to be seen so far.

My supplementation has changed too which I will be updating in a follow up post. Have a nice week!

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