My Naked Hair, No Products

As promised here are a couple of pictures of my naked hair. It was still a bit damp, excess moisture already absorbed by a turbie twist for about 5 minutes before taking the snap.

As you can see, the bottom is the BKT come ‘heat trained’ hair while the roots show my thicker texture (maybe I’m a 4b?). A couple of you asked me why I no longer BKT my hair and the truth is this:

I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with BKT or even relaxer for that matter, I just didn’t want the BKT to turn into yet another thing that I had to do to my hair every 3 months, it would feel too much like relaxer by a different name. Another thing is that, since my ends are somewhat looser in texture than my roots, I don’t get that many single strand knots now as in the past. Also since I don’t wear my hair straight as often as I used to in the past,  it seems pointless to BKT. It’s quite possible that I will revisit it once I reach full waist length and I get the urge to do something different to my hair but for now, I will let it be.

naked hair november 2012

On another note, I received my recently ordered Organix anti breakage serum in the mail today yaay! I intend to rotate it with the Redken anti snap when moisturizing and sealing.

Yesterday I also made the famous natural flaxseed gel that everyone raves about and I couldn’t resist, I re-braided my hair using the gel last night. I got a pretty good braid out this morning but it didn’t have time to dry completely and it shrunk so much I had to throw it into a ponytail. My head is too big for a fro!

shrunken ponytail braid out

It’s just occurred to me that the picture above looks like I’m wearing those wet and wavy micro braids that I used to love so much years ago!

This flaxeed gel stuff definitely has potential for use in something other than just a gel. I noticed yesterday that it has fantastic slip and goes on kind of like the Boots coconut and almond conditioner that I love so much. In the interest of trying to wean myself off commercial products and start using mostly natural ones, I will make a natural conditioner this weekend using ingredients that I have at home and I will DC with said conditioner this weekend too. Recipe to follow soon.

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  • Your hair DOES look like wet n’ wavy micros! I understand perfectly why you don’t want to BKT anymore. Makes perfect sense to me PLUS its expensive as hayle!

    • Cheers Ebony! You are right, the cost is also prohibitive as a an every 3 month thing.

  • Kelisa

    Nice hair Alma. Actually you look like a definite 4a. The way I understand it 4b hair has no curls at all or has zig zags (whatever those look like) But even in your thicker hair, I can still see some curlies.

  • nadine

    I absolutely loveeeeee your naked hair. It’s beautiful.

    • Aww thanks Nadine!