My First Trim For 3 Years!

As you know, I don’t believe in trimming hair every 6 weeks or whatever the recommended advice is these days. Now I’m aware that relaxed hair due to possibly more breakage may have thinner ends may require more regular trims to keep looking good but if you are natural and follow a hhj, I don’t see the point.

Having said that, I have not done more than a light dusting of ends since I began my hair journey so the very ends of my hair were looking a bit thin and this was my first true trim. I tied my hair into a low ponytail and braided it down leaving about an inch and half unbraided. I then chopped off about an inch!

It hurt like crazy!! Not physically of course but just the idea of cutting my hair makes me break out in a cold sweat. It was about time though and my ends look a damn sight better for it! It does mean however that I’m starting with a handicap on length this year so I decided to give hair growth aids a real go this year. I have purchased FAST conditioner and I am waiting for my fast grow hair vitamins to arrive. Since I’ve had my lapband surgery I know that I won’t be getting enough vitamins from my diet so supplementation is a must anyway, I may as well include hair vitamins right?

Well here are the pictures from my trim:

My First Trim For 3 Years 2


Trimmed hair in sink, it makes me so sad to see it go 🙁


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  • Corinne Bell

    Did you use professional grade sheers for your trim? I've heard that low grade (or dull) sheers or just regular scissors can cause split ends when used to trim hair. 

    • Yes if fact I did. I've heard the same about using dull scissors too but since I'm not a regular trimmer Ive never had split as a result of trimming before. The professional ones don't cost a great deal at the bss anyway so why take the risk?!

      • Corinne Bell

        Wow thanks so much for the timely reply! I really appreciate it. I'll definitely have to invest in some higher quality sheers. Also on the topic of breakage, I was wondering if there was a specific type of hair band that can be used frequently to tie hair, but won't cause breakage. I really want to do protective styling but last time  I went on a pony tail kick I noticed serious breakage right were the band met the hair. 

        • Hi Corinne! For my ponytail regimen I use regular ouchless goody bands, the kind without a metal clip.

          The trick with avoiding breakage with ponytails is to tie them firmly but not tightly. It should loosen naturally every few hours. If it's not loosening, its too tight!

  • Xena

    My father and sister are both doctors and I was talking to them about growth aids. They really don't have any effect on hair growth at all, unless you are unhealthy or missing something from your diet. For example, if you are ingesting a certain vitamin, but then start taking a supplement, you will notice a difference in hair growth because your hair wasn't getting what it needed before. However, if you have a balanced diet, your body normally excretes the excess vitamins and therefore removes them from your body.  So if you are healthy, growth aids won't do anything spectacular for growth. As I can see from your site, you acknowledge that hair growth rate is genetically determined, so if you are healthy and looking after your hair properly already – all these growth aids won't make a difference.

    • Xena

      Sorry, made a slight error. I meant to say, if yuo ARE NOT ingesting a certain vitamin and start taking a supplement, you will notice a difference.

      • Hi Xena, I'm well aware of this and I've written about it on the main site so it's more of an experiment than anything. Truth be told though, those pills just sit on my dresser, I havent taken any for over a month now! lol

  • How often should you trim your ends when your transitioning? I want to avoid the big chop.

    • I did the big chop myself but after 18 months. Trust me, when you've got a full head of thick natural hair, the relaxed ends are just an inconvenience and you will want to take them off! Some people prefer to trim an inch or so every few months so it's a very personal decision.