Kids Natural Hairstyles – How Jasmine Has Been Wearing Her Hair

A few of you ladies have asked me how I style Jasmines hair regularly. Well truthfully the reggie that I have for her is so simple it’s laughable. I wash her hair every week or every 2 weeks, depending on time constraints. I usually wash it while she is in the bath for simplicity and of course we don’t really deep condition it. We just quick condition for 5-10 minutes while she has a little play in the water then we rinse her hair and proceed to styling.

Now in regards to styling, we literally do anything and EVERYTHING!! She’s a little diva, even at just 4 and she has very strong ideas on how she wants to wear her hair. Sometimes it’s ‘Mummy I want my hair short and curly’ (yep she’s ok with shrinkage) and other times it’s ‘Mummy I want my hair long’ (she means blow dried when she says this). I’m not one of those mums who won’t put heat on my daughters hair. I care for her hair the same way I do mine so while we love our curlies, we also love the versatility of occasional straight hair.

Oddly she never asks for twists or braids, I don’t think she’s a huge fan of these styles, she’s like me in that she prefers to wear her hair down and free but I find braided styles much easier on me and my schedule so I indulge in those every now and again.

So here we go…

Braid Outs & Twist Outs

Her default style is a twist/braid out. I generally like to do these on old wash and go hair because the gel makes the style last longest. At night I re-twist into just 4-5 sections before bed. If I forget or she is too tired to have her hair twisted before bed then her hair is worn in either 1 big puff or two pigtails until we are next able to style again. Here are a few pics:

Jasmine's twist outs collage

Wash And Go

Now on to her wash and go. We don’t do these very often to be honest because they only last 1-2 days so I don’t find them worth it. Her hair is very similar to mine (even though she appears to have more shrinkage than I do) but she surprisingly likes wash and go’s because there is no twisting or braiding her hair after the wash. The faster, the better in her opinion. We only use oil underneath the Eco styler gel that I use to enhance her curls, nothing special.

Sometimes I will add a little bit of s curl gel because it has lots of glycerine in it so it allows her hair to dry softer than the ecostyler on it’s own. We don’t use too much of the glycerine gel otherwise the definition is compromised and it shrinks too much. Ecostyler I have also found holds excessive shrinkage at bay so I’m a huge fan.

She doesn’t have a great deal of volume (she was hit with the fine hair stick like me) so tangling with her WNG’s isn’t that bad. Actually if I ensure that her hair is super defined and clumped, I find that we barely get any tangling. Ok here on the top left are her undefined kinks, then next is her hair wet with gel and finally dry, day 1 hair.

Jasmine's wash and go

It’s not worth posting day 2 hair of her WNG because the only make it presentable is to rewet (which she hates) or in a puff (which she hates). My solution as I mentioned earlier is to just twist the hair at night then she can wear a gorgeous twist out for the remainder of the week.

Braids & Twists

And finally these are her braided styles. Incidentally when she is braided I will usually go 3 weeks between washes. I NEVER wash her hair in twist unless I want to invite crazy tangling.  I am no expert braider, I don’t plan my styles out or anything, my only objective is to make sure that they are not too tight.

I like to do twists more than braids on her because they are easier to take down. As you can see, sometimes I set her mini twists with perm rods to create some cute curls which last for two weeks easy!

Jasmine's braids and twists

And that’s it!

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  • curlyprincesses

    Awww what a cutie and I love how you said she doesn’t like her hair to be braided or twisted too much because sometimes I think about how nice loose and free hair is even on little girls. Less is more. Love it!