How I Trim My Hair, It’s Not Often But It’s Quick And Painless

I really don’t think that it’s a coincidence that in the first 3 years of my hair journey I didn’t need to trim my hair once. I have attributed this among other things to the fact that because my hair was pretty short, I couldn’t do much with it by way of styling anyway so I mainly left it alone. And also because I wore my hair straight pretty often at the time too.

It counter-intuitive but since I have a combination of fine, coarse and medium texture hair, heat tends to do my hair more good than harm. Another thing is that shrinkage regardless of whether it comes from a wash and go or a braid out tends to give me ssk’s which cause breakage in the end.

When I use heat, I bypass the whole ssk fiasco. Fine hair textured ladies would definitely struggle to retain length if they use heat too much but for me, it works.

Anyway, after doing my length check I realized that I was in need of minor hair surgery by way of a trim. I was looking through my old album today and I realized that after my BC majority of my braid outs were done on blown out hair rather than wet hair. It’s probably why I didn’t need to trim my hair for 3 years. Definitely something to consider when I am bored of wearing my hair straight.

My ends were looking rather sparse so I decided to use the method in this video by prettywitty77. I trimmed my hair in a similar fashion almost exactly a year ago although the last time I actually braided my hair down before trimming the ends.

This time I just applied hairbands over the length of my hair just like in the video and it worked pretty well. It looks like I took about an inch off but I’m not as distressed about losing that inch as I was last year.

Ends trimmed January 2013

Some of the ssk’s that I had collected in the latter half of last year have gone and my ends feel much better for it! When I had a peek in the mirror, my waist length credentials were still intact thank God!

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