Birthday Hair – Long Crotchet Braids

It was my birthday yesterday, me and hubby left Jasmine with her nana, we went away for a quiet-ish weekend together. It’s the first time in ages that we have left her and she screamed the house down when she realized that she wasn’t coming with us. It tore my heart out. I got an […]

Protective Styles Over The Past 2 Months

I’ve been on a protective styling craze in the past couple of months. I’ve been caught between the urge to protective style while simultaniously searching for the easiest, least boring way of wearing my hair while still being able to play in it. Contradiction you say? Well yes but I have learned plenty. For instance I […]

Chinese Virgin Hair Install & Braiding Pattern

So I wore my kinky curly weave for the last time. As gorgeous as the hair still was, the tangling became too much to bear and I had to take it down. I have had the hair just over a year and in fact it was in November of last year that I boiled it […]

Kinky Curly Weave Install

It’s been two weeks since my gastric band operation and I am recovering well. A couple of days after I got back home I got the ‘change this weave’ itch and it came in the form of my favourite kinky curly install with the virgin hair that that I boiled myself. I love this hair, […]

Boiling Hair For Permanent Curls

Yes, you read the title right. You can boil your straight hair weaves and create some sassy curls easy as pie. As you may know I recently removed a virgin wavy install. I loved the hair but being a natural 4a, I wasn’t able to blend properly without having to straighten my leave out every […]

Brazilian Keratin Treatment And Review Of Virgin Curly

Well after wearing the virgin wavy hair for about 2 weeks which seems to be the average for most of my installs, I am in a position to give a review. I absolutely loved it!!! I don’t think I will want to waste money on BSS hair again because this hair is freakin awsome. I […]

Wet To Straight, Heat Training And Weave

So I went ahead and straightened my hair last week using the wet to straight flat iron. I was scared as hell and for anyone with a weak disposition, DO NOT TRY IT! The sound of my hair sizzling made me cringe but the instructions on the straightener state that the sizzle is a good […]

Afro Kinky Curly Lace Wig

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a lace wig! Yes, it’s an afro kinky curly one from a lovely Chinese vendor called Rex, got his website address from BHM. Anyway, I ordered it in 1B, 14 inches with light brown lace. To tell you the truth, I was torn between ordering the wig or […]

Blending With Weave Hair Is Too Hard

In this humid weather we are having, blending my hair with the straight weave has been a nightmare. After  a day and  a half my leave out hair had already reverted to a kinky straight look and when my hubby said ‘Oh I can see the difference between your hair and the weave now’ I […]

Straightened the weave

I corrected the weave slightly. I didn’t like the idea of having so much of my hair out so I braided down the sides leaving only the sliver of hair at the top for blending purposes. The weave hair was shedding and seemed to be breaking too so I figured that it was a bit […]

Changed things up again- a new install!

I am vey fickle it seems. Just two weeks after my indi afro, the tangles I was experiencing were driving me nuts. I’m not sure if it was the way I was looking after the hair or maybe just the quality? In any event, I cowashed it every morning and let it air dry without […]

I installed my own weave!

I’ve never been big on weaves (on me that is). I go to BHI or LHFC and see all these beautiful installs and I’ve always thought they either cost a fortune or the upkeep is too much of a hassle. Secretly I always thought that installing a weave was an excuse not too look after […]