Back To BSL – 4 Inches Cut Off

So I finally did it! I mentioned in a few previous posts that I’d had enough of waist length and the hassle that comes along with caring for hair at that length so I decided to not just trim my hair this time round but do a real cut (for me anyway). Ok it’s not […]

Inversion Method Results Part 2

Don’t have much to say for myself this week so I will let the video do the talking….

The Inversion Method Results! (Video)

Ok I know you have all been waiting with baited breath (not really) to find out if my hair grew or not. Well before we get into all that, let me reiterate what I did. For my oil I used my strengthening oil mix because I usually have that to hand anyway and I couldn’t […]

I Am Skeptical But I Am Trying The Inversion Method – 1 Inch In 7 days

Some of you may know my misadventures with hair growth supplements so needless to say, I keep a healthy distance from any hair growth techniques that include popping pills. But I’m not adverse to trying other methods of increased hair growth. Growth hacking if you will. This is the first of a two part video […]