Wash Day In Mini Braids – Moisture & Roller Set

On Wednesday I had to cook something that involved frying spices and my porous hair loooves to absorb smells.

Usually I remember to cover my hair with a scarf or hat if I’m going to do some heavy duty cooking but by the time I remembered to do so, it was already too late and my hair was reeking.

Some people don’t find cooking smells a big deal but I can’t stand it personally and my hair has to smell just so. I had no choice but to give it a quick co-wash.

If I wasn’t currently in mini braids of course I would have sucked it up, used sprays or whatever to freshen up my hair until my official wash day. But the braids make co-washing and styling a 1/2 hour affair with no breakage causing manipulation so who was I to say no?

After washing, I sectioned my braids into 5 sections and braided which left me with a fabulous defined braid out for the remainder of the week.

Braid out on mini braids

Henna is not a protein but because it deposits molecules in your hair, it behaves a helluva lot like one. After last week’s henna, my hair has been wonderfully resilient this week but I didn’t want to tempt fate by going for a protein DC for my wash day this week. I washed my hair with my curls unleashed sulfate free poo and chose my Boots Coconut & Almond hair mask for my DC which has very little protein and their formulation has cranked up the slip factor to a 10!

I also added a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil to my conditioner for those added ceramides and deep conditioned for 45 minutes in total with a plastic cap and towel over my head. I only used the bonnet dryer for 20 minutes today.

After rinsing off the conditioner, I applied my Redken Anti snap leave in and a small amount of the ORS heat protectant serum. I then roller set the braids in large-ish sections and sat under the dryer for an hour.

Deep conditioning and roller setting braids

This is finished result. The curls will probably have fallen by tomorrow but I’m pleased because my hair feels really smooth and I’ve got a good shine to my braids.

Rollerset mini braids

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  • Tiffany M

    I love your mini braids! Do you every find that your mini braids don’t show your length? I just installed some in my hair yesterday, but it seems as if my hair shrunk. I washed my hair and put it in a bun so it could stretch instead of heat stretching, but I don’t know if that could’ve been the problem. I normally have a 75% shrinkage (that was why I heat stretched because it will go to ear length) but I was wondering if it was common that these braids shrink? I’m just afraid that I may be losing hair if this is my length. It was 8 ish inches and when I did these and measured my hair, I got around 6 ish inches. Thank you so much for your help in advance! 🙂 Also, I will post a picture on BHI on the protective style challenge. In the beginning, I posted braids (not mini braids) but I can tell my hair has gotten longer over the months with these braids. My hair naturally curls with these braids so I will have to hold them to show the difference in the beginning and now braid length.

    • Thanks Tiffany. Mini braids definitely shrink up but nowhere near as bad as twists. Having said that I ALWAYS heat stretch before installing them but after the first wash it’s shrinkage city again! lol. Gotta love natural hair

      • Tiffany M

        Thank you so much! I was starting to worry that I lost hair lol I have to post a picture of my fro length now and also take a pic of my mini braids. I love them and plan to keep them until the end of the year.