Twistgate – The Day I Hated Having Natural Hair

I don’t often do ‘natural styles’ per se. I will wear braids on occasion or braid outs but I’ve never really delved too deep into the world of twists as a hairstyle. Imagine me seeing this set of gorgeous mini twists from beautifullyounique and I was convinced that I could not go another second without having mini twists in ma head.

So without first washing my already flat ironed hair (who needs the extra manipulation right?), i decided to twist my hair in little teeny tiny sections. It took me 3 days to complete them between work and home stuff and when they were done, I had visions on styling them using braid outs, with curlformers etc etc. Here is how the completed twists looked while my hair was still straight.

mini twists disaster

I was not prepared for how my hair reacted after I got the twists wet that first weekend. I was expecting the shrinkage but what I wasn’t expecting the rest. Essentially it felt like my roots had shrunk up into a tight ball and you could barely feel the parts. My hair was tangling at the roots like dreadlocks. I was shocked and in a blind panic after the twists had dried, I proceeded to take them down.

It’s difficult to put into words how much hair I lost that night. It would be no exaggeration to say that I experienced breakage in 1 detangling session that would usually take me 3 months to accumulate. The tangles and knots were unbelievable and it took me almost 4 hours to detangle. Once I was done I was literally sitting  in the tub sobbing my eyes out like a silly little girl.

I didn’t take any pictures of the disaster but length wise, my hair looks about the same as before but from a volume perspective I think can tell the difference. To stop myself from slapping the first relaxer I could find on my head I decided to put my hair in braids for May. The twists were an unmitigated disaster and for me they are the worst hairstyle for length retention.

On a happier note very soon I won’t be able to wear standard length braids. My hair ends about 3-4 inches from the end of the braiding hair. It’s pretty scary thinking about the possibility of hitting waist length hair this year with natural hair that I am finding difficult to handle any other way but straight.

While a relaxer is not on the cards at present (the memory of breakage is still way too fresh), I am not completely against the idea of another chemical service to control the volume. Here are my current set of braids, my dream length!

curly braids

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  • ambi

    I've determined I'm a natrual that needs to flat iron her hair, My plan once I get my final length will be no more than once a month and I'll actually try to stretch it to 6 weeks, have you tried bantu knot outs (I found those tangle my hair real bad, I'm not sure why you wet your twist in the first place but I will say that I stopped do the small ones because of breakage at the roots (I think it was more of the prolonged twisting action then being extra tangled), nothing wrong with wearing your hair straight but try some simple rollers, or get your real hair braided up into a elaborate style, sound like to me you need to be more open minded and branch out with styles, they don't have to be twists or twist outs etc. I think it's great you grew your hair in 3 years!

    • Yeah I know, never doing those little twists again! I agree, I'm kind of stuck in a styling rut, I either wear my hair straight or in braid outs. Right now I'm protective styling but I expect that my styling routine will pick up a notch once I get to my goal length.